Break out the burgers and brisket, summer is almost here. People will begin to occupy their decks and patios to fire up the grill. BBQ season is back! As amateurs grill and pit masters return to their outdoor havens, it is time to help your brand stand out as people flip, plate and repeat. 

The art of barbecuing has become a tried-and-true tradition that goes beyond just preparing a meal. It continues to have a major social impact, creating its own culture not only in the United States but also around the globe. Most people choose to grill the most during the warmer months; however, Statista reports 75% of barbecue owners still find a way to grill during the winter months. This helps solidify just how much of a staple the backyard barbecue has become. 

Even though the most dedicated grill masters find ways to cook year-round, the best time to break out the barbecue is during warmer weather. Therefore, the most popular days to grill are during holidays celebrated during the warmer months. Celebrations like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day are among the favorites.  

The BBQ industry continues to grow, making it a prime location to get your brand some recognition. Here are our top picks to consider as we brand the BBQ.

1. Barbecue Set. What is a barbecue without the proper accessories? Put your brand in their hand as they stand in front of their grill of choice. It is a great way to recognize a hardworking employee or a long-term customer. There are plenty of options for every gift need, like this 4-piece set with a convenient carrying bag.  

2. Aprons. What better accessory at a company barbecue than an attractive, customized apron? An apron can also be a fun giveaway for clients and employees to enjoy in their backyards. A simple cotton apron or one with all the essentials will help anyone showcase their license to grill and protect them from splatters and spills. 

3. Coolers. Nothing complements a backyard barbecue like a cold beverage. Let your brand leave a lasting impression as guests reach for another round. Go with a rolling cooler to add a pristine look or consider a cooler that doubles as entertainment, you can’t go wrong with this BBQ necessity. 

4. Spices. The main advantage of grilling is the boost in taste the cooking process brings to the table. More than 70% of people love barbecue because of the flavor it adds to the food. Help enhance that taste by putting your brand on a selection of BBQ spices or hot sauces.   

5. Grill Mitts. Safely handling the cooking duties leads to more return trips, grill side. As people reach for the flame-cooked vittles, let your brand protect them with a custom silicone oven mitt. This is an easy giveaway for an outdoor event to help customers enjoy summer BBQs more.

These are just a few suggestions on how to Get Your Brand On at a barbecue. With nicer weather on the horizon, it is the perfect place to garner name recognition as people gather with friends and family. For more ideas to make your brand sizzle at the barbecue, visit the Backyard Branding collection on our website.