The Vernon Company commits to act responsibly by striving to choose the options with the lowest impact on the environment. Our recycling program is instituted facilities-wide and eliminates office waste. For example, we recycle office and warehouse paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, glass, cans, and plastic. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. Our suppliers also constantly find new ways to reduce packaging and find biodegradable and/or recycled packaging alternatives. And we are continuously committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our impact.

Global Awareness

We foster partnerships with suppliers that utilize environmentally responsible business practices. We commit to sharing ideas and values with our customers and we encourage all our vendors to develop their own sustainability plans as part of their partnership with The Vernon Company.

Green Energy

We have reduced our net emissions by converting fluorescent lighting in our office and warehouse facilities to LED lighting, and replaced standard lighting switches with a motion-activated, adjustable intensity lighting system. And this past year, Vernon Graphic Solutions has finally finished the solar energy project and installed over 800 panels to power the facilities.

Paper Reduction

At our corporate headquarters, we’ve implemented a paperless workflow system, making us a paper-free office. We have moved the majority of our paper collateral to digital media; the remaining paper catalog is printed on FSC certified stock, by certified printers, using soy-based inks.


Choosing sustainable products is a way to make a difference, and
reduce impact. We have partnered with suppliers who offer products that are eco-friendly, and re-usable. We strive to work with trustworthy suppliers to ensure that green product claims can be supported and are not exaggerated. Our website and catalogs feature eco-friendly and sustainable product solutions. Our preferred supplier partners offer different levels of sustainable products in virtually every product category. Many of those products are featured on our website, in a collection devoted to recycled and eco-friendly products.

Manufacturing Changes

At our graphics manufacturing facility, Vernon Graphic Solutions, we’ve eliminated all solvent-based inks, and use more environmentally friendly UV and latex inks. Cleaning fluids used in the manufacturing processes are non-solvent-based, diluted with water, and disposed of in the local sewer system. We offer customers non-PVC printable materials and overlaminates for wraps, vehicle signage, and other uses. These materials are GREENGUARD Gold certified.