Create a memorable gift experience to welcome new employees, say thank you to customers or connect to virtual event attendees. Let Vernon help your brand make an impact with a fully customized gift package sent directly to their doorstep. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way.

Unbox the unforgettable

Custom swag boxes are the perfect way to deliver a lasting impression. At Vernon, our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible. You can have fun picking the products and packaging to show off your logo. Vernon has you covered from there. Our kitting team has crafted the perfect process to ensure your “stuff” is transformed into a beautifully crafted package. Our team will then ship your custom gift box directly to recipients for an amazing unboxing experience.



How it Works:

1. Choose your products

Mix and match a collection of products with the option to add a pre-printed note card. 

2. Choose your packaging

Customize everything from the box size to the color of tissue paper. Dress it up with a branded box label. 

3. Choose shipping method

Supply us your mailing list and select a shipping method.

4. Assemble and package

Our team will kit it all together into a gift customers and employees will love. 

5. Delivery to destination

We will deliver the completed kits to a single location or directly to each individual’s doorstep. 

Ready to get started? Contact us for your next kitting project.