We are a family at Vernon and always welcome the opportunity to add more members to the family tree. Vernon has been twice recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by Counselor Magazine. Our one-of-a-kind company culture is known as the Vernon Vibe and is based on authenticity, transparency and respect for one another.

Vernon has received countless awards including Best Places to Work from Counselor Magazine.

Vernon is recognized as a Top 40 promotional products distributor because of our team of more than 500 employees nationwide who are here to support you. We work together to stay connected and create a top-notch customer experience. This connection creates teamwork and camaraderie amongst the company that is unmatchable.

In today’s work environment, Vernon recognizes that appreciation and understanding go a long way. We offer a variety of great benefits that touch all aspects of your life: financial, health, professional development and social. Your accomplishments are vital to our organization, and they will not go without reward and recognition.

Vernon can help you unlock your true potential. It’s what the Vernon Vibe is all about. We are a team of caring and reliable individuals that love to work hard and play hard. Join the Vernon Vibe and let’s be better together!


in your Future.

At Vernon, we put each other, sustainability, and social responsibility first. We sincerely believe that we are all in this together – and that together is better. Chris and his family have worked for more than 100 years to build a selfless and humble Vernon culture. One can easily see this mindset is apparent throughout the organization and extended to clients.

We’re Living it, You’ll love it

Live the Good Life

At Vernon, you are more than just a number because we value our employees as unique individuals. This journey begins with you taking the first step towards a successful, driven, and rewarding life. And Vernon is here to help: we can offer more money, benefits, and the peace of mind that comes with working with the best distributor in the promotional industry. With that winning combination, you’ll be on the road to The Good Life in no time!

We’ve Got Your Back

99% of all Vernon orders are accepted on open account terms in which we invoice the customer. This makes it easier for you to sell. Customers place an order and are invoiced after they receive their goods and they are 100% satisfied. Need to pay suppliers up front because they will not give you credit? Worry no more when you are part of the Vernon team. Our strong supplier relationships mean we rarely are required to pre-pay for an order. But when we are, you don’t need to worry – we have you covered.

What You Need, When You Need It

Vernon will help you determine whether you want to be a W-2 employee or a 1099 independent corporation. We understand that no two people have the same reason for making a change and we care about what is best for you and your business goals. During our initial discussions, we will ask about what you need to ensure your partnership with Vernon will be successful. For example, is health insurance a necessity? Would you like to participate in a 401K plan? Would you like to continue to use your company name? Your answers to questions like these will help direct you to the option that is best for you. Whether you choose to be an employee or an independent corporation, Vernon will still provide you with the same level of customer service, sales support, technology tools and marketing collateral to help you grow your business.

Our Mission is your Success

Each week, Vernon advances commissions on orders. Which means our Account Executives get paid when they place an order – not when the order ships or when the customer pays.

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Let’s Grow Together!