The Vernon Company is committed to supporting efforts to improve people’s lives in our community. It is critically important that organizations recognize their corporate social responsibility to give back and invest in their communities and employees in today’s ever-changing world. Our philanthropic giving and community outreach philosophy are simple. We believe in investing our resources through various ways, including in-kind donations, fundraising efforts, volunteerism, and direct contributions supporting organizations that are making a difference and helping to pave the way toward healthier, thriving communities. We support nonprofit organizations and efforts that align with our mission and corporate values in improving the health and well-being of those in need.

Vernon works diligently to make a difference in the world
Social Responsiblity is a top priority

Non-Profit Support

Now more than ever, giving to non-profit organizations is crucial in how Vernon does business. From improving our employee morale to sharing our marketing messages, Vernon believes in helping organizations that help others. Most importantly, we believe that contributing to the communities in which our employees and customers live can truly
make a difference.

Direct Contributions

Any given year, Vernon contributes financially to several local and national organizations. Direct contributions helped each non-profit achieve its goals towards helping others. Volunteerism and non-profit board service are also important to Vernon, along with corporate in-kind product donations to worthwhile non-profits like Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan’s Purse and sponsorships for local youth organizations like the Newton Booster Club.

Education Support

Continuing Education with industry-led training and certification programs is a key component of Vernon’s emphasis on learning. Company employees are encouraged to attend various courses and webinars provided by industry leaders. Vernon also offers financial assistance for its part-time and full-time employees who wish to further their education. Since 1975, Vernon also offers an annual scholarship program for children of its employees. And each year you can count on Vernon employees to raise money for back-to-school supplies for the less fortunate.

Disaster Relief

Vernon strives to always lend a helping hand to those in need, especially in the event of a natural disaster. Just recently we donated a substantial amount of money, adult and kids clothing, various toiletries, toys, baby supplies, water bottles, and bottled water to the victims of Hurricane IDA through the Red Cross Foundation.