The Vernon warehouse team uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your products secure and ready to ship. From the time your inventory arrives at our facility to the time it is packed and shipped to its destination, we ensure your branded merch is taken care of.

In our 101,000 square feet warehouse facilities, our Program Operations and Logistics teams make sure your products are safely stored, waiting to be ordered. Once orders are received, our team is hands-on from start to finish.

Your branded merch is in good hands

Inventory & Fulfillment

Company Merch Stores with an inventory/fulfillment program are managed by our Program Operations team. They ensure orders are processed, picked, packed and shipped to recipients in a timely manner. 

Our inventory management includes custom reporting, monthly reconciliation and invoicing services. Vernon has made significant technology investments in warehouse management, including a barcode scanning system. 

Logistics & Shipping

Our warehouse and logistics teams work together to provide a seamless experience. We utilize shipping optimization software to find the most economical shipping method available to keep delivery costs low. 

Once shipped, our system provides up-to-date order tracking and delivery information. Orders are delivered directly to recipients’ homes or businesses or shipped in bulk for company events.

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