It’s almost time to hit the links and take in the majesty of the vibrant colors on the golf course. With the temptation of warmer weather across the nation, it’s time to start dusting off the golf gear and get back on the green. 

The National Golf Foundation reports the golf industry has a $102 billion impact on the U.S. economy. Therefore, jobs and opportunities are created in this space. Golf is also used to impact change. Countless golf tournaments are hosted annually, and many are done to benefit a cause or organization. 

These events present a wonderful opportunity to get your brand in front of more people. Making the right promotional product choice becomes imperative. You have to find ways to stand out, whether your company is hosting the event or is just participating as a sponsor.

Every participant will be overloaded with sponsor gifts and prizes. Make sure you give the item that is a must-keep for everyone. 


Your company is involved with a golf tournament, and it needs merch to give to participants and attendees alike. Make essential choices to make sure your brand leaves with everyone after the last putt is sunk.

  • 1. Golf Balls and Tees – The essentials of the game should always be in consideration. A golf event wouldn’t be complete without custom balls and tees. Be sure your brand is on them when golfers take their first swing. 
  • 2. Sunscreen – Help protect golfers as they play with a fun, themed sunscreen; so they can enjoy the game without fear of being burned. Lotion and lip balm have the same effect. Small items like these are easily forgotten, so be sure people are covered when they arrive. 
  • 3. Sunglasses – One of the top accessories of the game can be provided to every participant. While it may not be in the budget to fit everyone with a pair of Oakley, give them the same feel with a polarized pair that takes your brand with them. 


Go beyond your basic giveaway options and pick products that make a statement while remaining functional. 

  • 1. Titleist Hat – Most tournaments have hats for participants. Make yours a statement piece with a Titleist. Any golfer knows the value of having that brand on their apparel. 
  • 2. Golf Towel – A towel that hooks onto people’s equipment is an easy-keeper item. Make sure they carry your brand with them with one that is easy to use. It can go with them the next time they hit the links. 
  • 3. Repair Tool – A repair tool is important for every golfer to have in their pocket. As more people play the course, more divots are made on the green. A good tool can keep the grass in great shape and make putting more accurate. It’s a great place to have your logo as they reach to repair the divot. 


The best players at tournaments are usually awarded prizes depending on their finishes. When selecting products to use as prizes, be sure to pick ones that people will take with them and sing your praises whenever they use them.

  • 1. Speaker – A good wireless speaker can provide music and entertainment during breaks. Make it even cooler by making it magnetic, so it can stick to the golf cart. Every golf outing can be a party. 
  • 2. Coolers – Keep drinks and snacks cold on their next round. A properly themed cooler is a nice touch as people head out to the golf course. It can make others stop and ask about it as they are playing. This puts your brand front and center of the conversation. 
  • 3. Golf Bag – Go all out and get branded golf bags for the winners. Your logo can stand out in a big way as they use the bag after your event is over. The recipient of the bag will have nothing but good things to say about your company. 

This is just one way to apply your brand to golf swag. Last year, we explored some of the top golf swag to use. No matter how you need to use the products, find more ideas in our Fairway Favorites collection.