The world of agriculture is vast. Yes, it includes the families and companies producing food, but plenty of businesses provide services and support to these producers. These companies develop/research food improvements and process our food from farm to table.

These services need to be advertised. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to participate in farm shows and local associations. But these shows are attended by the masses. A sure way to set yourself apart is through merch. Then these items extend your reach far beyond the trade show floor.

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population works in agriculture, according to Farmbrite. The right promotional products can help you stand out in the agriculture arena. 

Here are our top 10 items to help your brand grow.

Outreach Ideas

1. Stylus Pen – The tried-and-true promo product should be close at hand no matter where you go. If people are going to take one thing with them, make it a pen with your logo on it. Then they can keep your services in mind long after that first conversation. 

2. Water Bottle – Make a statement at your next farm show with a stainless steel water bottle for people to take home. Reward people who have taken the time to stop by your booth with a memorable giveaway. It helps people stay hydrated and have a positive association with your brand. 

3. Depth Tool – Make your brand stand out with a unique item for people to bring home. This depth tool can help people plant the perfect garden for the year. You may just give them the item they never knew they needed.  

4. Classic Cap – Let people wear your brand home with them on a classic promo item. A farm show aims to make new contacts and incentivize people to fill out an informational survey. The right hat can attract more people to your representatives, especially if you choose a product that fits the industry’s style.

5. Rain Gauge – No matter what your business’ connection is to the agriculture world, the amount of rain received is an important talking point. This makes a rain gauge the perfect promo item for your brand. Whether you are at a farm show or visiting clients, a giveaway like a rain gauge will help draw people to your brand.

Appreciation Gifts

6. Recycled Tee – Boost your brand awareness by outfitting your employees in wearable swag. A tee made out of recycled material is a great option as you protect the world around you. It’s important to protect the planet that makes your business possible. 

7. Camp Mug – Ensure your employees and clients enjoy warm beverages in a mug with your logo on it. An insulated mug is easily taken on the road, letting people carry your brand with them wherever they are. While they are sipping their beverage of choice, your logo remains top of mind.

8. Cooler Bag – A bag is worth a thousand impressions. A cooler bag is no different. Whether people use them to carry their lunch or for a quick trip to the lake, a cooler bag is a great product to have. As a result, your brand will bring positive vibes everywhere it goes.

9. Hooded Sweatshirt – An industry that sees people outside in the elements is the perfect place to choose a branded sweatshirt for people to use. But make it a statement beyond its utility. Choose a heavy-duty Carhartt for you and your employees. 

10.  Work Light – A good light is always needed and a magnetic light is great to have at the ready. A flashlight has many applications, making it a great gift for employees and customers. It will show your appreciation and keep your brand close at hand. 

For more ways to Get Your Brand On Agriculture Merch, shop the collection online. Additionally, you can reach out to one of Vernon’s team members for help on your promotional products journey.