When considering what promotional product fits your brand, never overlook the almighty pen. Pens are unmatched in their versatility and practicality. A promotional writing instrument garners thousands of impressions over its lifetime. 

A 2023 study by ASI found that 30% of consumers who received a logoed writing instrument are more likely to do business with the company that gave it to them. Beyond that, they are a cost-effective item to Get Your Brand On. 

Here are some of our favorites in three different categories.

Economical Options

Businesses must make wise decisions when considering their advertising choices. Luckily, a good promotional pen can be in anyone’s wheelhouse. There are plenty of options that can create the perfect custom pen without breaking the budget. The BIC® Clic Stic® offers 600 color combinations. Want a contoured, sleek look? The Javalina Classic would fit the bill. For a higher-end look, consider the MaxGlide Click® Corporate. The hybrid ink brings the ultimate blend of ballpoint and gel inks and gives an added flare.

Daily Writers

Tip the scales up a notch and increase the perceived value of your writing instrument without tipping the scales too high. A Ring Metal Pen has a classy look with a weighted barrel to impress the recipient. Go for the wow factor with the Pano Grip that lets you fully cover the pen with your brand. A classic choice with a textured grip like the BIC® Grip Roller is always great for your brand. 

Premium Pens

Make a statement with the pen that brandishes your brand. These are perfect to give as gifts or for everyday use. The sleek Gemini Gem looks elegant and writes like a dream, featuring both matte and jewel tones to bring your brand to life. Soft rubberized finishes allow a pen to feel smooth in your hand with options like the Textari® Comfort Stylus. The Boss Pen commands attention just from the name alone. Give your company a step up with any of these choices. 

A pen is a perfect canvas for your brand. Be sure the pen they reach for is the one you provided. For more pen suggestions, visit www.vernonpromotions.com or reach out to a Vernon team member today.