Women Equality Day marks the victory of the suffrage movement

More candidates are announcing their bids for a run for the White House in 2024. It is important to remember the historical significance of the right to vote.

Aug. 26 is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day because it marks the anniversary of when the 19th Amendment was ratified, giving women the right to vote. Unlike many rallies during the women’s suffrage movement, the document was signed without fanfare. Instead, the culmination of the decades of work was completed behind closed doors at the U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby’s office in 1920. 

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In the century since that time, women are still working to move fully into the spotlight. One way to promote that effort is to show support for women-owned businesses. The number of companies owned by women continues to increase and boasted a 27% annual earnings increase and a 2% revenue bump in 2022.

Retail continues to account for one of the top categories for women-owned entities, averaging 16.5% of businesses, topped only by Services at 29%. These retail brands offer the perfect opportunity for a partnership between your brand and theirs. 

As an election year approaches, a perfect theme to consider for Women’s Equality Day merch could include items candidates might use on the campaign trail. As politicians begin to campaign in full force, choose items brought to market by women. It’s the perfect homage to the ladies who made Aug. 26 a day to honor.  

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The original promotional products were buttons for George Washington’s inauguration. Lapel pins have a similar appeal as they add a touch of anyone’s brands with a gentle push. They have a certain versatility as they can go on clothing, but they can also be added to lanyards, backpacks, etc. These can also become collector pieces that people keep and display in their homes for many years. Consider choosing a lapel pin by a women-owned brand to advertise your brand. 

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Campaign events often take place in the local breweries and pub houses where people can gather, discuss ideas and enjoy a cold brew with the local supporters. Items like coasters and bottle openers can get your message in front of attendees and potentially make it out the door to keep the message going. Take the extra step and choose items that bring a women-owned touch to the item. 


Any brand will be boosted when featured on attractive drinkware items. This is a go-to swag item that will have the recipient using the item beyond the event. The options are endless when choosing the best item, so why not focus on supporting a women-owned brand at the same time? A good travel tumbler has the potential to see all reaches of the country as people trek on business trips or leisure vacations. But, a travel tumbler can lean more toward a hot beverage preference. In that case, pick a stainless steel bottle with custom packaging. This will keep the beverage of choice chilled to perfection and spread your message even further. 

Start planning your Women’s Equality Day merch and check out our Women-Owned Brands collection on our website.