Travel is back! The latest reports indicate that nearly all travel is back to pre-pandemic levels. The global tourism market is valued at $2 trillion. With people back in the travel habit, there are plenty of opportunities to have people pack your brand with them wherever they go. 

Last year, we explored all of the essentials of being on the go. But travel comes in many different forms. This presents unique opportunities to target new and existing customers with promotional products. Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate the perfect travel swag in three popular categories. 


Business travel is booming. With COVID restrictions as a thing of the past, corporate travel is returning to the norm. The prevalence of virtual meetings isn’t going away, but we can expect more people to be willing to hop on a plane as they once were. So if you have employees traveling for business, be sure they are representing you wherever they go. 

A standout piece for business travel.


People like to travel to get out of their comfort zones and experience new things. These adventure travelers are the perfect audience for branded merch. Global Market Insights predicts this niche category of travel will grow by 15.1% by 2032. Our top picks:

Promo items for any adventure.


Some prefer to be spoiled when they take the opportunity to get away from their everyday routine. The luxury travel market is growing and is predicted to continue that trend. These are the customers who prefer to be pampered and receive top-quality swag. Our top picks:

High-end apparel for luxurious getaways.

These are just a few examples of how to make Travel Accessories work for your brand. For more suggestions on promotional products for your business, reach out to one of Vernon’s team members today.