How do you show customers just how much you appreciate their business? You could simply tell them – but they really need a constant reminder to make it stick. Ensure customers remember how much you appreciate them with a branded thank-you gift.

Here’s how to make the most of your thank-you gift:

  1. Unexpected equals greater ROI. Who doesn’t like to be surprised with an unexpected gift? Send a tin of cookies to your best customers and follow-up with a thank-you call – you’ll be surprised at the results. 
  2. It’s not the size that counts. A thank-you doesn’t have to be large or expensive to have impact. A pen or desk accessory branded with your logo means a lot when received in the mail with a thank-you card.
  3. Timing is everything. A gift sent at times other than the holidays can have greater impact because it stands out more. A beach tote or cooler bag received as a gift in the summer can have more impact than a laptop brief received as a holiday gift, because it isn’t fighting for the recipient’s attention amongst other holiday gifts.