The holidays are a time for perfect pairs. For example, giving and appreciation. Giving is defined as providing love or other emotional support. This pairs well with appreciation which means recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. 

By carefully selecting and presenting branded and personalized products, companies aim to convey heartfelt gratitude to dedicated team members. A business can illustrate how deeply it cherishes employees with a gift to say thank you for their contributions and presence within the organization.

In previous posts, we have explored how to make your selections for the 2023 holiday gifting season. But it is worth exploring the reasons behind the presents you are giving. 

I’m going to drop the fourth wall for a moment and speak about some personal accounts of when a personalized gift has an impact for years, even decades after it is received. I hope from these accounts, readers can see just how important a carefully selected gift can be. 

Real-Life Examples

Sitting on my desk in my home office is a battered yellow square pillow with a Dalmatian puppy and my name on it. I received it as a gift 30 years ago from my first-grade teacher. Mrs. Smith has made an impression on me years after receiving this gift. Every student in her class received one. My brother and sister still have the small pillows that our teacher made. It may not be in perfect condition, but it carries the memories and joy of the past. It has been with me through college and several moves. I will never part with it. 

My coworker, Shona, told me about a set of metal measuring cups she received for her 5th birthday. They are engraved with her name. They have been a staple in her kitchen ever since. She is the first to admit the engraving isn’t top-notch and she could easily buy a better set, but she will always be attached to her set. The person who gave her the cups made the extra effort to personalize them. This makes them unforgettable. 

Gift Ideas

Giving meaningful gifts to your employees is an important part of team-building and boosting morale. Don’t forget to consider the added personal touch when it comes to making your selections this season. I appreciate a useful gift. Here are some of my favorites for a unique promo gift idea.

1. Bags.

I am a self-proclaimed “bag lady.” I have a different bag for everything. But talk about an item with universal appeal and high perceived value. In today’s world where many are working from home, a great gift would be a backpack to make for easy carriage of your laptop and plenty of room to bring your essentials for work or play. 

2. Pens.

Most people use a pen in their everyday lives. I know I am surrounded by them on my desk. You just never know when you will need to jot something down. This makes for a great gift and an excellent opportunity for personalization. Present it in a beautiful pen box to put your appreciation on display. 

3. Power Bank.

I use these like crazy. You are never guaranteed enough outlets to plug in your devices when you are on the go. I have one in my purse at all times because you just never know when your phone will need a little extra juice. Speak to the tech-savvy employees by pairing a power bank with a wireless speaker in a perfect gift set.  

4. Cooler.

Growing up, my parents always had a cooler wherever we went. I understand it was a money-saving option, so we wouldn’t beg for beverages at the store. They could always say there was pop in the car. This habit has transferred to me. I always have a cooler in the car or close at hand to throw some cold drinks so we have something to quench our thirst when we are on the road. Coolers have many applications and would make a great gift to employees. 

These are just some of my highlights. Promo has the power to up your employee gifting. Check out our Festive Finds collection for more suggestions. 


Written By Pam Pratt, Digital Content Specialist.