Sunglasses are a favorite fashion accessory. The right shades can make or break an outfit. They have been a staple in the modern world since Sam Foster began selling them by the masses in 1929. 

Branded sunglasses are a great way to promote your business while also promoting fun. They are great for event giveaways or employee picnics so people walk away with your logo for everyone to see. 

One of the perks of including shades in your marketing plan is that they have more versatility than meets the eye. You choose the right option for your budget; some shades allow easy mass distribution, and some offer a more fashionable look that could keep your branding as someone’s accessory of choice for years to come. 

No matter your strategy, there are promotional specs that fit your brand. We explore some of the top swag sunglasses in our favorite three categories. 

Basic Shades

These are your typical everyday use shades that can be stashed in anyone’s car or backpack as they move about their day. These sunglasses are the ones you see handed out at summer baseball games or the state fair. The Riviera Sunglasses have a retro appeal and will be put to use as soon as the recipient receives them. Want a more custom look? The In & Out Sunglasses have options for you. The two tones make the shades look custom-fitted for your brand without a heavy price tag. 

Polarized Specs

When choosing shades for your branding, give your customers and employees a little extra protection by choosing a pair of polarized sunglasses to Get Your Brand On. Glare reduction, clarity and UV protection are just a few of the advantages of wearing polarized lenses. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, with options like the Polarized Malibu Sunglasses. Make more of a statement with the Dual Tone Wood Sunglasses. Go for the high-end with the Bollé Hustler Glasses

Fashion Glasses

Help your brand make a statement with a sunglass style that is sure to stand out in a crowd. Aviators remain one of the top shades in fashion. Let everyone harness their inner flyboy while showing off your logo as well. Similar to the aviators, Round Sunglasses remain an evergreen staple. The classic style is a perfect complement to anyone’s brand.  The Rimless Sunglasses have made a resurgence in today’s trends. Your brand can reflect the times with the ideal eye-catching product. 

Branded sunglasses are one of the go-to promotional products for any company, especially during the summer months. As you are considering items to get your logo in front of people, look no further than some of these classic shades. For more inspiration for all of your promotional product needs, visit or reach out to a Vernon team member today.