We’ve got promo, yes we do! We got promo, how ‘bout you?

With school back in session, celebrations and events will help instill school spirit in students, staff and community. Whether it is at the grade level or in a college setting, educational institutions host events to excite students and the community around them.

Events like sports and fine arts productions invite students, alumni and staff to add fresh school swag to their collections. Sporting events in particular offer a great way to incorporate fun giveaways that can be cosponsored by different organizations to get exposure for their brand at these events.


Homecoming week is a vibrant and much-anticipated event that brings together students, alumni and the entire community in a celebration of school spirit and tradition. It is also a great way to incorporate promo for the school and local businesses. These items can create a festive atmosphere and unity. Using a school’s logo, colors and slogan creates a keepsake for product recipients and also creates a powerful tool of engagement.w

Distributing items like T-shirts and caps allows students and alumni to wear their school’s branded merch to pep rallies or alumni events. A community business can get in on the action by sponsoring different events throughout the week. Then when attendees receive their commemorative water bottle, the business’ brand is right alongside their school.

Game-Day Tailgating

Pride in your school or team doesn’t have to be limited to one week out of the year. The tailgating phenomenon brings students, alumni and supporters together for excitement and a shared sense of belonging. As people gather to celebrate their team, distribute branded items like can coolers, stadium seats or Bluetooth speakers to spark connections and create bonds.

Families and fans enjoy the pre-game festivities and promo products infuse an extra layer of enthusiasm as they prepare to cheer on their team. The whole experience will get attendees in the spirit and make it unforgettable. As you consider how to become involved with your school’s activities, think of what will best suit your brand in the form of Game-Day Gear. Here are our top five products to help give everyone some school spirit.

1. Apparel. Students and fans become walking billboards for their school and your brand. The easiest way for people to show their pride is simply by wearing it. From T-shirts to sweatshirts to caps, you can Get Your Brand On it all. 

2. Drinkware. If people don’t wear their school logo, they carry it around in the form of drinkware. Alumni can take the coffee mug back to their office and display their school spirit even after the festivities have ended.

3. Cheerleader Gear. As the cheer squad hypes up the crowd to cheer on the team, they can throw small items into the crowd for people to take home with them as an enjoyable memory from the game. 

4. Cooler. There are tons of options when it comes to using a cooler to channel your school spirit. It can be a top prize at a raffle fundraiser at the big event or people can keep their beverages of choice cool as they enjoy camaraderie before heading into the stadium. 

5. BBQ Set. The ultimate tailgate accessory is the perfect barbecue set to complete the experience. Let the grillmasters display your brand while flipping burgers and preparing to cheer on their favorite team.