Breast cancer affects millions of people around the world each year. Those who aren’t personally fighting the disease, often know someone who is battling it.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Year after year, organizations band together to raise awareness and help in the fight for those who have been diagnosed and encourage prevention, so people remain diligent in steps that reduce their risk. 

There are more than 400 breast cancer-related charities, according to Beyond that, thousands of organizations show support throughout October. Promoting breast cancer awareness can be done in many ways, but perhaps one of the most popular is using promotional products. 

Businesses can choose items that directly support research. For 2023, Smores for a Cause is one example. Every order provides support for the Susan G Komen Foundation. Place an order for a smores kit and give back to help the cause

Pink is the most recognized color when talking about cause awareness, though there are many different ribbons in use today. Prominent figures, such as professional athletes, change pieces of their uniform to be pink or television personalities dress in pink or wear lapel pins for an easy glance at their support. Pink merch for October is almost expected, but you want to make the right choices. Usually, items that are useful and reusable are big hits for promo.

Making Promo Work

Businesses have many options to put Breast Cancer Awareness swag to work. Host a fundraiser event and distribute products to each attendee. Galas and fun runs make for excellent engagement and a great opportunity to align your brand with good. Outreach events are perfect as well. Local gatherings encourage the community to participate and learn about the cause at the same time. An event T-shirt is the perfect promo item to add to any community event. 

Digital Reach

Much of today’s audience is online. As a result, you must take the awareness initiatives to them. Design and implement a social media campaign that gets everyone involved. Encourage support by offering giveaways of your pink promo. The digital realm boosts visibility and spreads awareness and brand recognition beyond your immediate network. Incentivize people with a chance to win prizes like a 40 oz. tumbler

Powerful Partnerships

Aligning your company with the ideals of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is easy. Take it a step further and add a beneficial partner to your campaign. Collaborate with businesses and corporations to distribute promo products to their employees or customers. This mutually beneficial partnership helps raise awareness while increasing visibility for both parties involved. Items that are easy to distribute to large groups would be pink bracelets that will be worn long after they are received.