Roses are red, it’s an important hue. It’s the perfect time to promote a healthy heart for me and you. 

February is American Heart Month. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for most people, making promoting healthy habits essential to any business strategy. The donations and wellness initiatives encouraged by these efforts help save lives. 

As businesses determine how they want to help the cause, an excellent choice is to use the right promo products to spread a message of health and wellness. There are different ways to make these merch items part of your strategy so it’s time to start planning now as Heart Month approaches.


One way to put heart swag to work is to simply wear a reminder to focus on good heart health not only in February but also year-round. This can be done in the form of silicone bracelets or buttons with an engaging slogan. These are easy-to-wear items that can make your brand synonymous with good health.


Some of the best heart health products to choose from are items that inform the recipient of best practices. You can include some of the top tips to improve your health, according to the American Heart Association. Items like stress balls or travel tumblers can make a great canvas for this information.


As companies implement wellness programs in the new year, these heart health giveaways make for perfect products to Get Your Brand On. If your company is planning to participate in any wellness fairs in your community, these products are also important for your brand awareness. Create the perfect swag bag with products like lip balm, pens and a water bottle that can promote heart health and your brand at the same time. 

These are just three ways to promote healthy heart habits. More than 650,000 people lose the battle to the disease each year. It is important to remember those who have been lost and help educate and raise awareness to help reduce the death toll.  

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