Election efforts are ramping up. This thrusts promotional products to the forefront as candidates vie for support at all levels of government. 

Any year that boasts a presidential election, the hype surrounding the fateful date in November increases tenfold. With the ballots nearly solidified, the campaign trail will heat up to win your vote.  Election day will be here before you know it, and candidates will pull out all the stops to ensure their voices are heard. Promotional products will be essential in this effort, as they can help to spread their message and reach potential voters.

Nearly all promotional products can be used as political campaign giveaways, but some fit better than others. Here are our topic five product categories to consider. 

1. Buttons and Stickers

Small yet impactful, buttons and stickers are versatile giveaways. They are easily distributed at events or mailed out to supporters. Whether affixed to a laptop or worn proudly by supporters, these items serve as constant reminders of the candidate and their platform. These items have the longest standing in the political and realm and will remain that way in the future. 

2. Signs and Displays

Yard signs are one of the top search criteria when people are gearing up for campaign season. Candidates strategically place signs in high-traffic areas or along roads, utilizing them to promote events and fundraisers. Banners and flags can also be used to make your message stand out.

3. Pens and Scratch Paper

Another classic way to have your supporters carry your name and what you stand for home with them is with branded pens and notepads. These items are relatively inexpensive and can make a lasting impression. The recipients can use these in their everyday lives and attract attention to the campaign and to your platforms.

4. Reusable Tote Bags

For candidates, it is important to remain environmentally conscious when choosing election swag. Reusable tote bags have emerged as a popular and practical giveaway item. Branded with the candidate’s logo and message, these bags not only serve as a useful accessory for voters but also promote the candidate’s commitment to sustainability.

5. Reusable Drinkware

From coffee mugs to water bottles, drinkware is a practical and popular choice for election giveaways. Candidates can choose eco-friendly options like stainless steel or glass bottles. This reinforces their commitment to keeping the planet healthy while keeping supporters hydrated on the go.

For more ideas for the best merch to help spread your message on the campaign trail, check out our Government Goods collection at vernonpromotions.com. Need some help getting started? Connect with one of our Vernon team members today.