Sustainability remains a leading topic in the promotional product world. If you aren’t talking about it, you will quickly fall behind the trend. 

Last year, we explored the benefits of making more eco-friendly choices when choosing your merch. The conversation has continued to get louder as more companies make it a priority. It’s time to renew your outlook and make it a visible priority in your business plan. 

It can be as simple as providing a reusable water bottle to all employees to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. For hot beverages, an eco-travel mug is the perfect solution to please the coffee, tea and cocoa drinkers. But it doesn’t have to be drinkware. A new backpack made out of recycled material is a great fit too. 

With the conversation started, here are three categories to consider when you are planning for where your merch can take you in the future.

Office Essentials

When considering options to choose new office supplies, keep eco in mind. It is the perfect time to focus on more planet-friendly options. When selecting your next stock of notebooks, choose one that uses harvested fruit fibers. Its functionality remains the same but keeps sustainability in mind. An eco-conscious notebook needs an eco-stationary set as its companion. The refillable ink and lead make this the last pen and pencil you may ever have to buy. But don’t stop at stationery. You can include sustainable touches everywhere, like the next work polo you choose for your team. In both men’s and women’s cuts, all employees can showcase your company’s mission to remain environmental. 

Entertaining Must-Haves

Keeping it green doesn’t have to apply to just the office. Your company can make choices that will send eco swag home with everyone. Make the popular 40oz tumbler a renewable choice with one that uses recycled material. A great gift for employees is this 5-piece BBQ set that can show off your commitment to the planet every time they fire up the grill. The kitchen is a great place to make organic choices. Bamboo is a great material to help incorporate sustainability in the entertaining space. A cutting board is the perfect jumping-off point as people build their sustainable product base. 

Home Comforts

Eco-friendly products can be used in all aspects of your employees’ and customers’ lives. Whether you are shopping for an employee gift or a thank-you gesture for your top clients, let eco lead the way. Some of the most planet-friendly items are tote bags to continue the steps toward eliminating plastic bag usage. But consider items that would also lend to people’s mental health. Potted succulents and soy candles can help improve the aesthetics of the home and make the recipient feel better. These good vibes could become synonymous with your brand.

Shop more eco-friendly options in our Planet Promo collection or reach out to a Vernon team member for more information.