The manufacturing industry is an important piece of the economy — from the goods they produce to the people they employ. It is essential to set yourself apart in today’s competitive world.

Manufacturing companies can stand out with the perfect promotional products. The right merch helps keep your team engaged and increases brand awareness. WebFX reports more than 75,000 manufacturing jobs are set to be created in 2024. However, the turnover rate is at an all-time high of 28.9%, more than eight times the national average. 

Creative swag ideas are the ideal marketing tools to attract and retain employees. Here are our top 10 products to make merch work for your company. 

Manufacturing Employee Engagement Hooded Swaetshirt

Employee Engagement

1. Hooded Sweatshirt – Outfit your team with a hoodie to send warm vibes. Keeping your people comfortable at the factory or home sends the message you care about their well-being.

2. Lunch Cooler – Help workers bring meals that fuel their day. A nice insulated lunch cooler will allow your team to show company pride and carry their favorite snacks simultaneously.  

3. Tool Set – Show them how much their work is valued with a thoughtful gift. A branded toolset is perfect for recognizing employees for years of service or saying thank you for a job well done. 

4. Cooler Jug – Hydration is important as factory workers complete the work at hand. Make it a cinch by providing a 64 oz jug. This is a great item your team can put to use immediately. 

5. Duffel Bag – Another great employee gift option is a versatile duffel bag that can serve multiple purposes. It can be a travel companion or be used to organize work gear. Whatever its use, it’s a great item to showcase your logo. 

Manufacturing Brand Visibility Vacuum Tumblers

Brand Visibility

1. Knit Hat – Turn people into walking billboards as they don a knit beanie. It can help your company stand out and advertise what you do. So when they are looking for products or employment, your brand is at the top.

2. Planner Calendar – Your brand can be a constant all year long by choosing a calendar. These are great to distribute at job fairs and tradeshows so people take your message with them.

3. Vacuum Tumbler – People on the go can bring you along with a quality logoed vacuum tumbler. With more people carrying their drinkware of choice, make it one with your company’s name on it.

4. Keyring with Bottle Opener – Another great on-the-go option for your brand is a keyring. This everyday item becomes extra handy with a dual purpose, making people more likely to hang on to them longer. Keep these items in mind for your next giveaway. 

5. Carpenter Pen – A branded writing instrument is a must in the business world. Make your choice unique with this carpenter pen. The ruler and level will make it a keeper. 

For more ideas to build your merch game, visit the collection on  Contact one of Vernon’s team members to start assembling the best products for your brand.