Items that tell a story years after their manufacture date

When I joined the marketing team earlier this year, I was nearly 2 years into my tenure at The Vernon Company. My first role was more behind the scenes, but it gave me my first lesson in what the business was all about. 

The promotional products industry is a fascinating one. The more I learn, the more I see how much value the advertising medium has. Your product is the beginning of a customer journey with endless potential. These items can have more longevity than print or broadcast advertising. 

This fact was made abundantly clear when my sister, the ever-crafty thrifter, sent me a photo one day. It was a manicure set she had found at a popular second-chance establishment. On the front of the brown snap case was The Vernon Company’s name complete with the item number and ASI code. She purchased it and presented it to me when next we met. I haven’t been able to accurately date it, but suffice it to say it has been around for a while. 

It’s not just that instance. We receive messages from others who have found items with our brand on them and reached out via social media for more information and to tell us the story of where they found it. We have seen items like calendar mirrors to relish trays. Here are some of the highlights. 

Gunstock Merry-Go-Round relish/dip tray from the 1960s.

1. “Gunstock” Merry-Go-Round.

Judging by the photo, this Merry-Go-Round seems to be an early to mid-60s promo piece. The owner of the piece still had the single-sheet instructions to accompany the item. It is intended to be used for relishes, salad dressing, etc. It was found and purchased at an antique store and the person wanted to know the history behind it. Because our brand was on it, they were able to find us and make a connection. 

Gunstock Bottle Holder promotional product.

2. “Gunstock” Bottle Holder.

A wooden display piece with a bottle the owner dated back to the prohibition era held a stamp with our company’s brand on the bottle. Not much information can be found on the item’s history, but it clearly has value for its uniqueness. The product has withstood the years to guide someone new to our brand. 

Vernon Company promo mirror.

3. Mirrors.

We have received a variety of photos of mirrors with The Vernon Company’s name printed on them. The decoration ranges from Christmas-themed prints to smiling children. People have had them hanging in their houses or businesses for years, with a constant reminder of our name. Most of them date back to the 1950s. The longevity of the products is unmatched. The most recent one we received was a photo of a mirror purchased at an estate sale in Denver, CO. It’s amazing that these pieces remain intact after so many years.

Vernon Company Calendar Year 1970 from the moon landing.

4. Calendars.

If there is one thing that Vernon knows, it’s calendars. The Vernon exclusive line has a storied history for our brand. It’s no wonder that many people have reached out to us to find different calendars that we offered. One in particular that stood out was someone who reached out with a 1970s calendar commemorating the moon landing in 1969. What stood out the most was the fact that it was in its original envelope. Their relative had kept it in pristine condition as a keepsake, making our brand memorable for more than one generation. 

Every article has a story and it has withstood the test of time for our brand. People are seeking us out to find out more about their discoveries. Imagine if it was your company’s brand on that manicure set, the mirror or the bottle holder. When choosing to put your name or logo on a promo piece, it has the potential to give your company exposure decades after it was printed.

Check out all of the possibilities at or contact your sales rep to start your next promo journey. Whether you have a century of business like The Vernon Company or are just getting started, the right merch can have people talking about your brand for years to come.


Written By Pam Pratt, Digital Content Specialist.