Building a personal brand is essential to sharing your company’s message. For nonprofits, it allows you to share your story and let your potential supporters know your passions. Effectively relaying your message can further your mission to do more good. Nonprofit Pro reports that 74% believe that a strong brand identity increases repeat donations. 

It’s no secret that people are on a tighter budget. This makes it all the more important for nonprofit and charity organizations to engage their donor base and keep them happily giving back. Promotional products can help these groups stand out among the rest and support your cause. Here are a few ways you can make the right nonprofit merch further your message. 

Community Outreach 

The business world has migrated back to full in-person events. This is a direct line to your target audience and potential donors. Events like 5K runs, golf outings, concerts, art shows and silent auctions draw crowds of different interests. This helps raise awareness with a large group and introduces people to what you do. There is great potential to recruit businesses and individuals to sponsor these kinds of events, providing help with the cost of getting more swag for your brand and theirs. As people gather for the events, make your message clear and use the right merch to do that.

Here are our top picks for Community Outreach:

  1. Tradeshow Displays. Table covers, banners and signs are the perfect way to display your logo during the event and make it unforgettable to attendees. 
  2. Bracelets. These make for easy giveaways at any event that people can easily wear and have your brand at hand. 
  3. Bags. Another way to be sure event attendees leave with your brand in mind is a swag bag with information about what the proceeds will help with. 

Donor Incentives

As generations shift, so does charitable giving. Millennials and Gen Z want to support causes that speak to their own beliefs and convictions. The best way to do this is by taking your outreach online. You can design an entire campaign to raise awareness through social media and get them to your website. Incentivize the giving by offering a thank-you gift once a donation is received. About 20% of people who donate to charities say they are more likely to give money if they get a gift in return, according to Giving USA. In other words, bring on the promotional products — people want them. 

Here are our top picks for Donor Incentives:

  1. Gift Sets. Make people want to give to your organization by offering a beautiful gift set as a special thank you for their contribution. 
  2. Drinkware. A branded tumbler has the potential for 1,000 impressions as the recipient uses it in their daily lives. 
  3. Plush Gift. Make donors feel warm and fuzzy with a cute bear or a personalized pillow to make your brand stand out. 

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are one of the most important components of a nonprofit’s mission. These are the people who help spread the word about the nonprofit’s goals and reach out to potential donors. They give their time at events or facilitate online campaigns ensuring organizations achieve their goal. They become brand ambassadors for you, helping people remember your cause. One easy way to help them spread the word is by providing them with branded apparel items to garner name recognition wherever they are. They can be tailored to fit whatever task they are running and let them know their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Here are our top picks for Volunteer Appreciation apparel:

  1. Shirts. Whether a person is at work or at play a good polo shirt or T-shirt can make your brand reach someone at any given time. 
  2. Caps. Hats are useful to volunteers working outdoor events but their use continues far after the event is through. 
  3. Jackets. Really show your appreciation to your volunteers by awarding them with outerwear for their assistance in reaching your goal. 

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of others. Promotional products are a powerful tool to raise awareness for the cause. Find more branded merch ideas in our Nonprofit Necessities collection.

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