Top promo products for the medical industry

Healthcare promotional products can be a powerful tool with multiple applications. The right swag can help brand visibility, enhance patient confidence and improve employee engagement.

The key factor is to stand out amongst others in the profession, so focusing on quality, useful items can put you at the top of the field. Branded merch can help your organization connect with patients in different ways. The products you choose can be an extension of your services. Provide an extra dose of comfort with cozy apparel or choose practical items like a tote bag to make your brand stand out


Here are our top 10 Healthcare Must-Haves

1. Stanley Tumbler. Stay on top of the trends by providing the must-have product of the year. Become a recognizable identity as people experience their world. Encourage your employees to stay hydrated in style. 

2. Lunch Cooler. Pack your brand with hospital staff or patients as they carry their lunch to work or supplies for a day outside. A cooler bag is the perfect utility item that can fit anyone’s needs. 

3. Health and Wellness Set. A health and wellness set is a wonderful gift to share with employees. Promotional gifts for healthcare professionals are just as important as the items you send home with your patients. If the people who work for and with your organization have a positive outlook, they will share that message with others. 

4. Drawstring Bag. Your brand awareness has the potential to reach beyond your walls. A drawstring bag can be carried anywhere your patient or employee goes. Protect their items and send a protective, comforting message at the same time. 

5. Hot/Cold Pack. Build up your patient’s confidence during their recovery with a useful item like a hot and cold pack. This is the perfect item to send home to be sure the healing continues. 

6. Pill Box. Build a stronger connection with your patients with items like a branded pill box to carry out their continued care. They will see that their health and wellness is always your priority. 

7. Himalayan Tumbler. Dress up someone’s travel game with the perfect new tumbler for their journey. Invite them to take your brand along as they go about daily life or explore places unknown. 

8. Body Lotion. Keep the comfort vibes strong. A great medical giveaway is a self-care product to send home. It sends the message that you are caring for people at all times. 

9. Bento Box. Send your people to lunch break in style with a branded lunch box. Send a sustainable message to let people know you care about them and the world around them. 

10. Click Pen. The classics can truly be the best option for your brand. It is a staple to have pens customized with your logo for patients and employees to have at their fingertips.


With these products in hand, they have the potential to spread a comforting and caring message. Put your brand to work for you with merch that increases employee retention, patient confidence and brand recognition.

There are many ways the right swag can help boost your business in the healthcare realm and make people think of you for their health needs. 

You can also outfit your team in custom apparel. Our Pop-up Shops are tailor-made for any company apparel that helps streamline the ordering process. No inventory is required. Collect the necessary information, and we can take it from there. 

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