As we enter November, people’s minds turn to planning for the national tradition of Thanksgiving. Many focus on the menu and what to serve as friends and family gather together to share the experience.

While the kids are doing turkey-themed crafts and you help yourself to a second piece of pumpkin pie, let’s not forget to be thankful for more than just a hearty feast. It’s the true meaning of Thanksgiving after all. 

November is National Gratitude Month. It is the perfect time of year to share appreciation in all aspects of your life. 

Professional Gratitude

Show your employees and coworkers just how grateful you are to have them on your team with promo products that suit them in their everyday lives. Showing gratitude goes beyond the gift choice. It shows the recipient you’re interested in them outside of their work performance. It is a universal way to connect to those who are putting forth their best efforts for a common goal. 

We have explored many gift-giving options when it comes to the holiday season. But the art of gratitude should be considered year-round. Here are some top considerations when it comes to showing gratitude at the office. 

1. Work Milestones.

It is essential to acknowledge accomplishments at the office, no matter how big or small. Work milestones are the perfect opportunity to give a personalized gesture to your employees. A thank-you gift on a first-year anniversary can prove just as important as someone who has dedicated 40 years to the organization. A tumbler gift set is a great way to commemorate a person’s dedication to their job. Or, consider a custom backpack for a gratitude product to make the anniversary memorable. 

2. Team Building.

The office environment inherently has a serious tone. People have their set tasks to accomplish that day and show their level of commitment to the company. Show your employees gratitude by hosting team-building exercises that get them away from their normal structure and show them the company knows how to have fun. This is a great opportunity to include remote workers to make sure they are involved in the company culture as well. Host a company cook-off with a branded knife block as a gift. Consider setting aside some work time for some self-care. Give everyone branded yoga mats and bring in an instructor to include mental health time in the work objectives. 

3. After-Hours Fun.

Everyone has a different way to unwind when the work day is done. Some people meet to enjoy happy hour and good company. Others want to have some alone time with a good book or their favorite movie. Show gratitude by supporting your employees’ need to decompress so they return to the office refreshed for another day’s work. There are options galore from a Movie Fun Bucket or a happy hour set to please anyone’s tastes. 

Paying it Forward

Gratitude can come in many forms. On a personal level, you always want to be sure the people you care about know how much they mean to you. However, some people aren’t so fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends. If you are passionate about giving back to people in need around the holidays, you can help spread awareness and kindness to bring the spirit of gratitude to the table. The right merch can help. 

During the giving season, it is important to be aware of organizations that give gifts to individuals or groups facing challenging circumstances. Gratitude month is the perfect time to make your business a partner with those in place to help. 

1. Outreach.

Nonprofit and charity organizations work to help people in difficult situations. Make a point to create volunteer opportunities for you and your employees to help reach people in need. Use promo items to help get them items needed to function like socks or a sweatshirt. But also, contact information if they need to seek more assistance later. 

2. Awareness.

Any form of advertising can help raise awareness. You can be thankful for what your business is capable of while helping a worthy cause. Dedicate company resources to sponsor events in the community. Invite your employees to help in the event, whether it is a 5K or a Bingo night. Use branded items like T-shirts and tumblers as a memorable takeaway from the event. Money raised during the occasion can be donated to people who need it most. 

3. Give Back.

As you look for ways to cultivate the spirit of gratitude, one way to do that is with promotional products that do more than just spread your brand’s message. Maintain your company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility by choosing products like this: a cork mug can help plant a tree for reforestation; a knit cap can help United States veterans who were wounded in the line of duty. The gratitude these programs create is the perfect expression of the season.

Showing gratitude is important any time of year. November makes for a good reminder of why it is so important. For more ideas on how to make your merch say thank you, visit