Branding a business as a company who wants to do good is on trend with how consumers are scrutinizing their purchases. Activism rates are at an all-time high. Companies need to put a considerable focus on making the world a better place.

Building your brand is building your image. 81% of Millennials want companies to publicly pledge to be good corporate citizens. It is important to be transparent about your efforts to affect positive change as consumers are looking more and more at how companies are implementing social responsibility efforts.

People want to feel good about their purchases and if the brand is taking steps to make the world a better place, it encourages these customers to continue buying from the same company regardless of price. Promotional products can be a vessel for businesses to showcase their positive impact to potential customers.

Giving Back

Choose products that directly correlate to giving back to those in need. Choose products that have a direct partnership with charitable organizations. If 1% of the profits go directly to environmental causes, be sure to let the customer know. People are wanting to buy from brands who give back. Don’t be afraid to tout the company’s efforts. 71% of Millennials will pay more for a product if they know some of the proceeds are going to charity.

Outreach Events

Need to spotlight a specific cause? Host an event with branded merch to carry out the message. Get people together to help a charity or nonprofit organization and score some publicity at the same time.  87% of buyers will purchase a product if the company supports a cause they care about. Charitable events are a perfect way to align your brand with a do-good narrative.

Social Campaign

Being a force for good will make the company standout against the competition. The Kantar Purpose study revealed a direct connection between positive impact and brand value growth. If there is a cause your company is passionate about, let your customers know with a well-rounded social campaign to extend your reach. Track your success with branded giveaways as consumers donate to the cause.


These cause marketing tips will get you started as you build your brand’s image as a conscious good corporate citizen. As you explore options, consider visiting our Promo Positive collection on Vernon’s website for more ideas on how to give back.