Peanut butter and jelly. Shorts and sandals. Baseball games and Cracker Jacks.  It’s like they were made for each other, right?  Here’s another duo to add to that list of undeniable pairings – QR codes and promotional products.

What is a QR code? A QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional code that looks like a bar code you see in the store. QR codes can be scanned by a smartphone. When scanned they instantly deliver URLs, text, photos or video to customers and prospects. They can drive people to your website, videos, blog, ecoupons, Facebook page or Twitter profile.

QR codes have taken the marketing world by storm. If you’re looking for the perfect way to incorporate one into your next campaign, look no further than promotional products.

A Branding Match Made in Heaven

Why are QR codes and promotional products so great paired together? Because they make a standard, static marketing message:

  1. Interactive – providing a call to action and engaging clients and prospects with your brand
  2. Dynamic – change/update the information that the code accesses; recipients will seek out your always-new message
  3. Measurable – track response rate by number of scans
  4. Long-lasting – because promotional items are used repeatedly, code content that can be referenced often (weekly coupons, blogs) and has value to the recipient will lead to repeat brand impressions and continued engagement.

QR codes and promotional items keep your brand in front of your customers and prospects, offering them convenience and quick, easy access to additional information. They merge your online and offline marketing efforts seamlessly. A calendar becomes a live website. Magnets become instant phone contacts. Sports bottles become watchable videos. A key tag becomes a weekly coupon.  See the marketing potential!