Options abound in the world of finance, especially in a market that has people a little less certain of what their next steps could be. 

Financial institutions should instill confidence in current and potential customers. Promotional products are an important tool to have in your corner as you try to attract and keep business. The right merch can keep you top of mind for all financial needs. 

With nearly 8 million professionals working in the industry in the US alone, companies need to make their employees the biggest promoters of their brand. Employee appreciation initiatives and incentive programs will help ensure success. Be sure to include company swag to boost your success.

Conversation Starters

1. Coin Pouch – While a little obvious, a coin pouch is an excellent giveaway to new and returning customers. What better product to encourage financial success than a place to store change or carry a debit card safely?

2. Piggy Bank – In that same vein, a piggy bank is a fun gift to give clients to keep your brand on their minds. A family with children can instill the value of saving in the next generation. With your logo on the side, they just might be your next crop of customers. 

3. Click Pen – It would be an unusual occurrence not to find branded writing instruments at companies. While these items may not stay long in the building, you can be sure your company goes with them when they leave. Your contact info is right at hand when the next financial need arises. 

4. Journal Gift Set – Make a bigger impression with the gift of a journal set for your customers. It is a great item for them to use at work or for keeping important notes at home. Help them keep your brand in mind as they fill the pages. 

5. Powerstick Loop – The right cable is always at hand with the powerstick loop. The portability of the product adds to the appeal as people attach it to their bag or purse. Your logo is never too far away on an item like this. 

Company Advocates

1. 40oz Tumbler – A company-branded tumbler is a great way to say thank you to employees. They can use it at their workstation during business hours and take it with them as they leave for the day. 

2. Perfect Polo – Providing company apparel is important for all businesses. When people enter the building, it is easy to see who can assist them. It also creates a sense of unity and allows your team to become a billboard for what you do. 

3. Charging Station – Display company pride at everyone’s workstation with a wireless charging station. Devices are all around us and giving gifts like these to your team lets them know you care about them. 

4. Campfire Mug – Enjoying your hot beverage at the office is a breeze with a branded mug. Whether you are a tea or coffee person, it is a great item for everyone. 

5. Quarter Zip – Much like the polo shirt, a quarter zip pullover can give employees a sense of belonging at work. Those feelings can extend beyond the work day when these items are worn at the store, gym or wherever they enjoy relaxation. 

Find more financial swag for your brand when you shop the collection at vernonpromotions.com. For more assistance on your promotional products journey, contact one of Vernon’s team members to learn more.