Construction companies continue to be in high demand in the global market. Logoed items can help draw the attention of would-be customers in the commercial or non-commercial realm. 

The best marketing items put your brand in front of the right people. Choosing the right merch for construction companies can give them a competitive edge. Put promotional products to work for you to help emphasize your strength and dependability. 

Here are our top 10 Construction Gear products to Get Your Brand On. 

Wearable Merch

1. Safety Vest. A core product of the industry is the safety vest. Promote job-site safety with a branded safety vest for all employees. 

2. Hard Hat. Going hand-in-hand with the safety vest, a logoed hard hat shows fellow workers and observers the company has your safety in mind. 

3. Carhartt Jacket. A beautiful employee or customer thank-you gift is the top-of-the-line Carhartt jacket. Make your people feel appreciated with a gift that can be used in all aspects of life. 

4. Safety Gloves. Safety should be a top priority for all companies, especially in construction. Put your brand in their hands with a pair of safety gloves on the job. 

5. Visibility Beanie. Construction workers have to endure the elements at times. A visibility beanie can be a great gift for employees or make a fashion statement for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Construction Swag

6. Tape Measure. Ah, one of the essentials of the job. The next time an employee or hobbyist reaches for the tape measure, be sure it has your brand on it. 

7. Clipboard Folder. Keeping things organized is helpful as crews move through a project. Handy items like a clipboard folder can keep plans and schedules safe as they are needed. 

8. Stress Reliever. A fun giveaway to attract attention is a stress ball in fun shapes. A construction cone can make your brand stand out to potential customers. 

9. Stanley Classic. A great appreciation gift is the classic Stanley insulated bottle. Pack your brand at the job site as your employee gets an energy boost throughout the day.

10. Lunch Cooler. The stereotypical metal lunch box can be replaced with an insulated lunch cooler. Help keep your crew at the top of their game with a logoed item they can use every day. 

The construction industry remains a steady riser in the global market. The promo needs are unique to the industry in the relevant application to both employees and customers alike. Using any of these top products or others is a great way to get your brand in front of the right people. 

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