Holidays are an ideal time to celebrate…your employees, your customers and your brand. And what better way to celebrate than with a gift?

A thoughtful, useful gift, incorporating your brand message, will go a long way to thanking your employees and customers for their contributions to your business, and have them celebrating your brand at holiday gift time.

Best Practices
When it comes to holiday business gift-giving there are a few best practices that stand out this year.  Follow them and you’ll be met with happy, smiling gift recipients and a celebration that doesn’t break the budget.

  1. Feel the love.  Gifts that make people feel good are popular today. Consider a food gift – everyone loves food, it can be shared with others, and enjoying it with co-workers, friends or family simply makes people feel good.
  2. Think practical.  Practical gifts are fashionable when times are tighter. Gifts that are useful, personal and matched to the recipient’s lifestyle can make a big impact without being extravagant. Items that will be used at work, home or play. Think upscale-looking desk accessories, writing instruments, journals, drinkware, household items, fitness gear, blankets, lotions and candles.
  3. Inexpensive is in.  Gifts that are discreetly chic, or inexpensive, but not cheap looking are good this year. There are a lot of lower-cost gifts with a high perceived value that recipients will love. Instead of high-end designer sunglasses give something less costly, but that still looks cool, like a leather picture frame, patterned laptop sleeve, kitchen utensil set or spa kit.
  4. Pop with packaging. Placing an item in a holiday gift bag or box immediately takes it up a notch on the value scale. A custom gift box with imprinted wrap can make a memorable gift out of almost any item. Pair a few smaller, inexpensive items together in a gift bag with tissue for bigger impact. Or look for gift sets, already pre-packaged in gift boxes.

Giving a holiday gift is a good way to show customer and employee appreciation and get your brand remembered (and celebrated) this holiday season.