There is a push to buy American-manufactured products, which impacts everything from government policy to business decisions. As we approach America’s birthday, it is important to take a look at the best swag options that support patriotism. 

American consumers have been seeking out these products for centuries, and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. A Reshoring Institute survey revealed that 70% of respondents prefer USA-made products. Furthermore, 83% were willing to pay more for domestically manufactured items. This alone should provide an incentive for businesses to seek out American-made merch. 

The appeal of made-in-the-USA merch heightened when the supply chain took a hit during COVID. According to the 2022 Counselor SOI report, requests for products manufactured in the USA increased to 80% versus 60% in 2020. 

From a business standpoint, products made domestically have a significant advantage when it comes to shipping. With a shorter estimated arrival, it gives you a faster turnaround on promo items for any occasion. 

With the Fourth of July on the horizon, summer celebrations will be amping up. This is the perfect time to get American-made stock to advertise an organization’s brand with giveaways at traditional summer staple events. 


The Independence Day parade is the perfect vessel for a brand. It has instant exposure with the giveaways thrown or handed to the onlookers. Candy is what comes to mind when you picture things being given to the crowd. It doesn’t have to be the average candy bag from the store. Add your brand to the tasty treats for kids and adults alike. Pick items like hard candy or suckers that will be sure to leave an impression on the eager candy gatherers. 

Beyond the sweets, parade giveaways have the potential to be more meaningful. It is easy to have company representatives walk with a float and hand items directly to people. This allows companies to put their brand on can coolies, key chains and flyers that will have a longer impression than candy.  


People gather in groups to celebrate the holiday. Get exposure for your brand by hosting or sponsoring an event that puts your logo in front of every partier. Customize a commemorative T-shirt that everyone has to have that keeps your brand top of mind even after the event is over. 

And what party doesn’t have a tasty beverage? Choose these American-made stadium cups that puts your brand in everyone’s hands. If people aren’t using cups, still keep your brand working by offering fun Cappys to keep unwanted things out of their drink and help prevent spills. 


There’s no better time to be poolside in the summer than during the Fourth of July. Host a company outing at the local pool. It is the perfect time to have Made-in-the-USA merch for your employees. Provide a perfect receptacle for your employees to carry pool essentials with a tote bag. Take it a step further by providing sun safety items like sunscreen, SPF lip balm and revitalizing conditioner to show you care about them as they have fun. 

Make the event even more rewarding by raffling off a beautiful summer-themed gift. A branded cooler is a perfect way to show appreciation and help the winner or winners enjoy their summer with the company in mind.  

These are just a few suggestions on how to incorporate domestically manufactured products into your advertising schedule. Find more options in our American Made collection on our website.