In the post-pandemic era, working from home or hybrid remote employees have become more of the norm.

Last year, we explored ways to help remote workers feel connected to the company with the help of promotional products. These are still important today. But it can go even further by selecting other branded merch to help employees who work from home accomplish their daily to-do list. 

This can come in many forms. It can be as basic as a wall calendar or an indoor sprout garden to spruce up the home office. Explore how the right swag in our top three categories can help benefit and motivate your remote team members. 

Tech Accessories 

Technology is essential to the work-from-home environment. It wouldn’t be possible without it. This is an easy area for an employer to be sure your remote employees have what they need and a little bit more. Here are our top three favorites for tech promo:

  1. Laptop Sleeve – A computer is in every remote worker’s arsenal. More often than not, that machine is a laptop. It adds to the convenience factor when you can take your work anywhere you need to go. Protect your employee’s equipment by providing a branded laptop sleeve that can allow for easy transport.
  2. Wireless Charging Station – Devices are never too far away while working, especially at the home office. Make it even easier to keep your team at top performance with an all-in-one wireless charging station. No one will ever have to endure a device without the optimal charge again.  
  3. Headphones – Virtual meetings come with the territory of remote work. Let them attend in style with customized headphones that provide noise-canceling technology that keeps distractions to a minimum.  

Office Tools

Beyond the tech necessities that come from working from home, other items can help make the home office fully functional. Everyday office supplies will help in the efficacy of your remote team. It can also create a sense of unity when they receive the same supplies as in-office personnel. Here are our top three must-haves for helpful merch. 

  1. Desk Organizer – Organization should be a part of everyone’s work priorities. Whether you are meticulous about everything or do enough to get by, certain items help in the process. Give employees the perfect space to collect their everyday supplies so their favorite items will never be out of reach. 
  2. Pen – Even as the world becomes a digital oasis, you still need a pen to jot down a note or idea. Don’t let the inspiration go to waste. Make sure remote workers have company pens, just like what lives in the supply closet at the office. 
  3. Journal – We have the writing instruments to take the notes, now we need the place to write them down. Don’t let notes get lost in the loose pile of scratch paper. Give everyone the perfect place to keep important tasks and ideas with a company-branded journal so they can find them at a moment’s notice. 

Company Favorites

Comfort should be a consideration to help outfit remote workers. Employees who work from home don’t have the luxury of sharing in the office coffee pot or water cooler. So send a little of that atmosphere home with them. Here are our top three swag ideas to give home the office feel.  

  1. Stainless Steel Bottle – Staying hydrated is important as people put in a full day’s work. Help keep their beverage ice cold with a stainless steel water bottle. Choose one that is the perfect travel size so it can be easily carried wherever your people need to be to get the job done. 
  2. Insulated Tumbler – To many, coffee is an essential step to a productive day. Give the gift of a leak-proof, insulated tumbler that will keep their beverage of choice at a sipping temperature throughout the work day. They can all take your brand with them and display their company pride with the perfect tumbler. 
  3. Polo Shirts – Many businesses don’t have a set uniform. As a way to create unity among employees, branded apparel is a great way to make them feel as though they are one unit. This should ring true for the remote staff as well. Make them feel like a true member of the team with the perfect polo. 

Working from home is the perfect solution for some to hit the ideal work-life balance. Employers have a plethora of options to use the power of promo to help strengthen the connection with these employees, even if they never set foot in the office. 

For more promo ideas, check out our Work from Home collection or contact a Vernon team member for all of your promo needs.