July is dedicated to America’s favorite dessert

National Ice Cream Month is the perfect time to dish up tasty frozen treats and get a scoop for your brand. 

There is no denying the vast appeal of ice cream when it comes to consumers. More than 200 million people say they eat ice cream in a year, according to Statistica. The International Dairy Food Association estimates the average American consumes nearly 4 gallons of ice cream a year and 1 in 7 have the frozen delight in their freezer at all times. 

It is the perfect time to explore ice cream promo options. People are hosting annual social and family reunion-type gatherings that have the potential to get your brand in front of a wide demographic range.

The Classics

Vanilla is the most popular flavor, proving that the classics are essential when it comes to dessert. The Vernon Company embraces this by providing the Exclusive Classic Ice Cream Scoop. It cuts through the frozen treat like butter, to dish up the perfect sundae. A branded bowl is the perfect addition to a social event, ensuring your dessert of choice makes it to the table. Keep it classic and don’t forget the spoon!

Keep It Cool

Make your brand deliciously cool with swag that keeps it chill for frozen foods. By its nature, ice cream must be enjoyed quickly or the frozen treat becomes a puddle. Luckily, there are items that assist in extending that enjoyment time and help promote your brand. A logoed Pint Coolie or Ice Cream Kooler could be both useful and unique to your customers. For people wanting to bring the treat to a picnic, a custom cooler would be the best way to help keep the treat frozen solid for an event.

Mix It Up

Ice cream has the ability to stand alone as a tasty treat. But there are fun ways to dress it up to make it even more appetizing. Add a sprinkle of your brand to this Ice Cream Mixing Set so customers can make it like the pros. Give your brand a double scoop of promo with this “just add ice cream” brownie tin for the perfect chocolatey mix-ins. For an employee appreciation event, mix it up by distributing ice cream in a custom-branded Ice Cream Box.


The traditional scoop of ice cream isn’t the only way to enjoy the dairy dessert. Churn up different ways for promoting your brand by selecting a cake server for those who enjoy their ice cream in cake form. A root beer float is a great way to consume the frozen delight. Get Your Brand On a reusable Stein to help bring some flare for your consumers to remember.