It’s almost back to school time! Teachers and students alike will be gearing up for the upcoming year. The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to consider how to Get Your Brand On classroom fundamentals

Back to School time is big business for the American economy, so it’s no surprise that education is one of the top markets for the promotional products industry. An estimated $37 billion was spent in the U.S. in 2022, according to Statistica.

School pride swag is always a great option for any age of learners of any age. Offering items like hats, T-shirts and drinkware are no-brainers. The options are endless when you consider all the wearables that can be branded with a school’s logo or mascot. Accessories like blankets, stadium seat cushions and signs provide additional branding opportunities in the school year

When you consider the different age groups of the learners, there are ways to curate toward those learners. 

The first day of school is the ultimate tone-setter for the year. It can make a serious impact on how kids and instructors navigate the year. Having the right gear can help everyone bring their A-game. Any business can incorporate educational resources in its advertising arsenal, but educational institutions especially should consider products that are attractive to students of any age. 


Students at this age are often still learning the ropes of how the educational structure works. Having bright, colorful supplies can help get them excited for the school day. One of the first big choices for young students is the backpack they get to carry to school each day. Help give them a special memory by offering a fun backpack for every learner. Then help fill the bag with all the essentials: pens, pencils, folders and notebooks. Keep items fun by including markers or colored pencils too. 

High School

Students at this age are preparing for life outside of preparational academia. Their needs are on higher quality objects and tech merch to get them through the day. A backpack is an essential tool as well, but most schools have incorporated technology into the coursework. Choose a bag that lends itself to using devices at the same time. High schoolers also may need a gym bag to carry a change of clothes or athletic jerseys to and from their home. A branded gym bag would make a great back-to-school gift for a teenager. As more subjects get added to the learning curriculum, a good planner can help students keep assignments organized and never miss a test. 


Students are embarking on the first step in their careers. Further learning will help set the tone for the years to come. College-aged learners are on various paths and require many different learning tools. This presents a wide range of branded merch items to go with them on their journey. Like a high school, technology will play a large role in learning. A backpack should always be a computer bag with plenty of compartments to allow them to bring along necessary items. Study items like highlighters and/or a notebook with sticky notes and flags would be excellent items for people preparing for exams.