Even in today’s ever-increasing technological age, promotional advertising calendars have proven to be an effective marketing tool that customers want and appreciate. Maybe that’s because when it comes to organizing and planning, there’s nothing quite like the certainty of putting a pen to paper to plan for something in the future (even if it needs to be written in pencil instead!).
Recently, the Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a research study showing the value and effectiveness of top-selling promotional products. Not surprisingly, the results show that calendars are still very relevant and useful promo tools:
A whopping 62% of consumers in the U.S. currently own a promotional calendar.
Based on 2019 US population data, this equates to just over 328 million people!

Using promo calendars as an advertising medium is very cost-effective.
The CPI of a $3 calendar is 3/10 of a penny!


37% of women consult their promotional calendar daily.

31% of Millennials and Gen Xers use a promo calendar every day!


Calendars also are a promo essential because they have staying power. They are an essential item that can be used to give your brand 12 months – or more – of visibility. In fact, the same study revealed that 52% of people keep their promo calendars for one year or more. Maybe they’re hoping for 13 months in a year? Or maybe they loved the calendar images so much they wanted to frame them?


What we do know is that calendars can help increase a person’s productivity, improve efficiency, and can even help to provide peace of mind. Sometimes it is the simple act of writing plans down that make them seem more real. Help your clients and customers feel this same sense of security by giving them a planning calendar for 2021. Contact your Vernon Account Executive today or browse our full calendar collection here.