Tech gadgets are more popular in 2021 than ever. In 2020, the in-person (pre-Covid) CES Show, which focuses on the tech industry, was the largest trade show held in the United States. From AI capabilities to smart design, people want to feel like they’re more connected in nearly every aspect of life. This is especially true when it comes to gadgets that seem to make life easier. With products that can provide data remotely on whether or not you left your lights on at home or bio-metric feedback available at the touch of a button on your wrist, consumers crave the latest and greatest tech available. Which makes it easy to understand why tech gadgets also continue to grow in popularity in the promo industry. In fact, in 2020, more than half of consumers in the United States owned a USB drive with someone’s logo on it.

It is easy to understand why the desire for tech-related promo items is growing. Companies that give their staff smartwatches are seen as caring about the health of their employees. Businesses that send out digital notebooks to big clients are believed to be edgy and knowledgeable when it comes to high-end tech. In turn, recipients feel valued and appreciated, because they understand that these tech devices often cost more than the average single promo item, but that often makes them even more special.

Staying Connected

With more people working remotely than in previous years, tech gear that keeps people connected is a big trend for 2021. Here are a few of our favorite picks in this category:


















And don’t forget the cool tech accessories that can be used alone or in combination with other gadgets. Here are some easy add-on items:



















When you want to give a promo product that is especially useful and appreciated by the recipient, think about high-quality tech gadgets and accessories. Consider gifting your board of directors during your annual meeting or mailing a gift of 2-3 of the coolest tech items to event sponsors in a package that includes a thoughtful hand-written note of appreciation. These types of activities are sure to make a lasting impression that goes a long way towards solidifying your business relationships.