Take care of yourself and your healthcare professionals

May is an important month to show how much healthcare matters in your community. It is the month that shines a spotlight on Mental Health Awareness, a topic that has certainly gained more relevancy post-pandemic. May also dedicates a focus on healthcare workers. Nurses Week is May 6-12, and Hospital Week is May 7-13. 

Mental Health Awareness

The topic of mental health has been brought to the forefront of many conversations as the stigma surrounding these conditions gets a much-needed shift. The CDC reports 1 in 5 Americans experience a mental illness each year. Companies and individuals can advocate for these people by showcasing support in the community so those in need no longer suffer in silence.

Nurses Week

The pandemic has shown us just how important our nurses are to the well-being of our society. People in these roles exemplify the impact a good healthcare structure has on our society. Nurses work tirelessly to ensure patients receive the care they need. Nurses Week allows supporters to say an extra, special thank you to some of our most essential workers.  

Hospital Week

Healthcare providers and hospital administrative workers are key pieces to the system that helps provide the care people need, not only in a crisis but also to improve everyday living. While these professionals should always be celebrated, please take extra care during this week to make their contributions stand out even more. Find creative ways to share information about the dedication these people have to their professions.

Outreach Ideas

Businesses or organizations may be curious about how they can support healthcare causes and individuals. Here are three ways to spread the word about these healthcare topics. 

WELLNESS FAIR. These events are a great way to share resources from different healthcare organizations around the community. This is an excellent opportunity to show the community why supporting these individuals is so important and how your company’s culture works to promote it. Health fair giveaways help keep the topics top of mind after the event. Items as simple as magnets or hand sanitizer that people can look at or use every day will keep your message front and center.

OPEN HOUSE. It is not uncommon for some people to be curious about how organizations operate. Invite the community to see how the job gets done and provide more information about the services available. Make an even better impression by offering free swag to attendees as an incentive to learn more and consider your organization on its healthcare journey. Create a calendar with facts and tips that an attendee can use as a daily reminder.

COMMUNITY EVENT. Host a golf tournament or a family fun day that engages the whole community. These are great opportunities to get people active and have fun. Charge a small entry fee and donate to a local cause to keep the awareness going. Be sure they don’t leave the event empty-handed with branded merch to continue the message. Blend golf-themed gifts with an everyday-use item like a drawstring tote bag. Organizers can stuff the bag with flyers and other helpful information about how to support the healthcare community and its workers.