Well-known brands are popular in the retail world for their innovative concepts and their ability to predict what the customer wants even before they do. Consumers look for these brands to bring them the best quality, style, and function, which is ideal when trying to decide on your next promo item purchase. When done right, adding your company name or logo to an already popular retail name can result in happy recipients and an increase in your brand exposure.

  • Brands have staying-power: When using a popular brand name product, the recipient is more likely to keep – and use – the item for a longer period of time, which increases the number of people that will see your brand.
  • Higher perceived value: Associating your brand with another high-quality brand gives the recipient a higher perception of the value of the item and of your company.
  • The cool factor: Everyone wants to be thought of as trendy and cool. Adding your logo to top trending merchandise adds to the perception of how hip and trendsetting your brand is.


Here are a few of our recommendations for the hottest retail-brand items in major merchandise categories:


Calvin Klein® Item #VRN-240-CK029-017

Nike® Item #VRN-161-452885-806237091

Eddie Bauer® Item #VRN-161-EB204-39423495

Under Armour® Item #VRN-159-1295286-380990704


Corkcicle® Item #VRN-210-100767

elleven® Item #VRN-205-0011-87

Thermos® Item #VRN-110-F4019LM6


Oakley® Item #VRN-263-OK1194

Ogio® Item #VRN-161-108085-SP

Kenneth Cole® Item #VRN-205-9950-34-1325883455


High Sierra® Item #VRN-205-1431-61-39423495

Titleist® and Yeti® Item #VRN-260-62527-39423495


Of course, cool tech items and electronics are always trending, so we’ll go more in-depth on that product category in a future blog post.

Remember, that if you’re looking to wow your customers and enhance your brand with your giveaways or promotions, be sure to look into retail brands that offer merch for co-branding with your logo. Your Vernon Account Executive can suggest which items will fit your needs and your budget or check out www.vernonpromotions.com for some great suggestions.