As the world moves forward with the “new normal” post-pandemic, in-person events are back in full swing. There will be approximately three million professional events worldwide with the goal of engaging a variety of target audiences. 

Set yourself up for success by understanding the importance of event branding. Gain inspiration by following current trends and expectations of consumers in order to capitalize on new opportunities. Below we explore some of the directions people are navigating toward in 2023.

Hybrid Events

People still want the option to attend trade shows both in-person or online. Using the hybrid model combines the best features of both virtual and face-to-face events. Offering a choice will increase your reach and lend itself to a higher attendance. Use products like branded flash drives to distribute event materials to in-person and virtual attendees to get them on the same page.  


When implementing a hybrid approach, it is important to focus on the technology to enhance the experience for attendees. If people are not able to be there in-person, give them a virtual “front-row seat” to help them feel fully included in the event. Branded tech merch can help enhance the experience and increase the reach of your brand.  


People enjoy the feeling that an event is created just for them or people like them. Research potential attendees and cultivate your themed content and marketing to meet the needs of your target audience. Thank you kits are a great tool to let attendees leave feeling valued for spending time at an event meant for them.


Research shows that nearly 60% of customers buy from or support brands that align with their core values. During your event, craft ways to display to your target audience’s values and ethics rather than simply focusing on your products and services. Communication is the most important step to let customers know you care about their needs. If you know your attendees will be passionate about protecting the environment, showcase branded products that promote the message. 


One of the main advantages of hosting or sponsoring events is having your brand everywhere people look. While super-focused merch is good in certain aspects of an event, not having the tried-and-true giveaway swag would be a missed opportunity for those attending in-person. Lanyards, tote bags, pens and beyond ensure attendees leave with your brand in mind. 

These are just a few of the strategies that can be employed as you plan and market your upcoming event. Be mindful of the adaptations a potential buyer has implemented in the coming year and get creative as you speak to them. A geared approach will translate into higher attendance and will garner quality leads.