The wedding industry was booming in 2022 and the Wedding Report believes the surge will continue in 2023. They estimate there will be more than 2 million weddings this year. 

With March nearly over, the wedding season is in full swing. Prospective brides and grooms will be planning in full force. The average wedding has a guest list of 100 to 120 attendees and costs more than $20,000. Some will consider enlisting the help of an event planner to help present different options and make the experience less overwhelming.

Couples want to create a magical experience at every stage of the celebration. It looks different for everyone as they begin making choices to build the experience. Some will choose a more simple, understated tone while others will shoot for the moon with over-the-top cakes and statement aisles. 

Promotional goods offer many options that help add a personal touch as couples consider what they want to showcase on their big day. Wedding planners can use these resources to bring some extra magic to the celebration. From the bridal party to the caterer, here are our top picks to help brand a wedding.

1. Drinkware. Whether the couple is thanking the bridal party with a beautiful token or outfitting the reception crew with reusable champagne flutes, you can’t go wrong choosing a custom drinkware item at the wedding. 

2. Tote Bags. From canvas to insulated, the sky’s the limit when selecting a custom bag for a wedding celebration, before or after the event. Throw in a few other party favors, and every guest can remember your day as they carry their bag with them. 

3. Coasters. Theme a reception tablescape with a custom coaster to draw the eyes of guests as they enjoy the reception. Consider a partnership with the venue or the DJ to put their logo on the coasters and show appreciation for their work to make your special day even more memorable. 

4. Can Cooler. One staple to consider to outfit any wedding occasion is a personalized koozie to distribute at bachelorette parties or the wedding reception. Wherever the recipient may be, they can appreciate having one to help keep their beverage cold. 

5. Beauty Products. By nature, a wedding has a heavy focus on beauty products. Beauticians who specialize in wedding services can work with their customers to provide all the members of the wedding party with branded lip balm and lotions as a token of the day.

These are just a snippet of the options available to help couples personalize their big day. Bridal party gifts and party favors can come in many forms, so help your couples customize one of the many products found on our site in the Specialty Events collection and Get Your Wedding On.