It’s the end of the year and business professionals are making sure they spend their budgets before they lose it. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in ways to achieve your goals in the new year.

One popular way to do that is through marketing and advertising efforts to build brand awareness. Investing in promotional products provides a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand, connect with your audience and make a lasting impression. By strategically allocating your end-of-year budget to high-quality, relevant items, you set the stage for a successful and impactful marketing strategy in the coming year.

Here are the top four questions to consider as you choose your budget burner products. 

Whether you need an incentive for a school fundraiser or a car dealer needs to give new car owners a useful product, a branded ice scraper can live for years in potential customers’ cars.

1. What are your marketing goals?

It is crucial to identify your goals. The right swag can help you achieve them in the upcoming year. If you want to boost brand awareness, choose a branded magnet to give away at your first tradeshow of the year. Your brand can live on current and future customers’ refrigerators to let them know your services are there when they need them. 

2. Who is your audience?

Different merch resonates with different demographics. Consider your target audience’s preferences, needs and lifestyle when selecting items. For instance, tech-savvy customers might appreciate branded flash drives, while fitness enthusiasts may find water bottles more appealing. There are plenty of options to suit any audience to use up those budget funds and make an impression on the recipients.  

3. How to incorporate multi-functional products?

Use your vision for the new year to help guide your purchasing decisions. If you know you have a variety of events planned, buying certain promotional products ahead of time can help focus spending as the events arrive. For example, the right bag can be a great investment for customer and employee events. Choose a tote bag or backpack that makes a perfect swag bag for events throughout the year. 

A letter opener is the perfect gift for a financial institution to have as they congratulate people on buying a new home or thank them for opening a new account or policy with your institution.

4. How to align with brand identity?

Promo products can help solidify your brand’s identity. Be sure to take that into account when making your selections. This consistency reinforces brand recognition and makes an impact on recipients. Whether it’s matching colors, incorporating your logo or selecting items that reflect your brand values, the goal is to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience. Restaurant owners can create unique coasters to go on every table that can stand out amongst competitors. 

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