Looking to make your brand stand out? Displaying it on a custom-designed cap is a great way to achieve that result – it’s a walking billboard of sorts! When it comes to promoting your brand and grabbing attention – a Vernon custom cap will get the job done.

High perceived value and high demand.

Employees, clients, club members and donors value a cap that shows off their company, favorite brand or club affiliation. Caps are in demand and in use by many industries including corporations, financial institutions, country clubs, associations, social clubs, healthcare, non-profits and more.

Always relevant.

Custom caps can be changed as fashion and styles change, so they continue to appeal to your target audience and deliver a timely message. Caps are also worn by both genders and one size fits most. Many cap wearers spend a lot of money on headgear when shopping retail. You can design a unique Vernon custom cap that can’t be found anywhere else at a fraction of the cost of a retail cap.

Front and center.

Caps are in sight and make a lasting impression. While other garments might be covered up, a cap promotes your message around the clock in a place everyone notices. They can be worn at work or even at play. They can be used to promote events, wellness initiatives and safety programs.

A walking testimonial.

People love their caps and are specific about the ones they wear. Give them a high-quality, unique, statement-making cap and they’ll wear it forever (or until they wear it out) – and do some advertising for you along the way. Every time they wear your cap they’ll be displaying and endorsing your message to everyone they come in contact with.

A desired result of using promotional products to advertise your brand is to create a memorable item that has people asking, “where’d you get that, and how do I get one.” Custom caps are an easy way to do that and the sky is the limit when you customize your cap for “WOW” factor.

Choose a classic fit or a distressed, casual look. Add a custom label or a brand tape on the inside seam. You can even imprint a tag line or message on the underside of the brim.

Be as creative as you want – it’s your brand, your story and YOUR Vernon customized cap.

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