blogimage-11031686% of U.S. consumers say they remember the name of the business that gave them a promotional product. Compared to other studies which show television ads garner a recall of less than 50% of the people who saw the ad, the power of promotional products is impressive. Here are some more powerful statistics about promotional products.

Promotional products are highly cost-effective.

Branded items are less expensive per impression than most other forms of media – the investment is modest, more targeted and more achievable for smaller businesses than other forms of advertising. The cost per impression is better than TV, magazines and newspapers. Promotional products can also be used to closely target your customers and clients with your intended message much better than mass media. Small companies can achieve as high of an return on investment as a major corporation by using promotional products because even a modest investment delivers superior results.

Visibility and recollection.

The goal of any advertising campaign is for the brand to be remembered and the marketing message to stick. Nearly nine in 10 recipients of promotional products can identify the advertiser on the item. Compared to television, radio or online ads and it’s not even a fair game. Promotional products can achieve nearly double the 50% recall of traditional media, at a cost that’s significantly less.

Staying power.

One advantage promotional products has over other forms of advertising, is that a single promotional item can deliver a message for far longer. You can reinforce your brand or a call to action for an average of seven months and even longer on some products such as calendars and outerwear. Promotional products are not simply thrown away – many times they are passed along. They are kept because they are useful, or given to someone who can use them – so your message often goes beyond the initial target.