blogimage-092916What comes to mind when we say the following words?

Schedule. Reliable. Date. Advertising. Useful.

Hopefully, calendars.  But those words don’t exactly bring excitement to our minds eye. Instead, they sometimes project puppies, kittens, landscapes or cars with a grid of numbers.

But what they don’t show you is how effective calendars are for advertising. Or how the industry is looking at new, innovative ways to enhance the powerful tool and make people aware of the advertising art that is calendars.

Here are just a few examples…

  • Glow in the dark inks and chalkboard textures that you can write on are giving calendars an interactive new look.
  • With the power of creative die-cuts or building materials, calendars are becoming highly addictive desk toys whether it’s an origami calendar or building blocks.
  • Augmented reality isn’t just for video games – calendars are being brought to life by the power of smart phones.
  • Artwork and photographs from well known artists are turning your calendars into functional art.
  • And last but not least, custom calendars are there for you if none of the above excites you. Giving your audience a promotion that speaks directly to them and what they care about the most with a custom calendar