Making a new employee fall in love with your company from the start is important as you welcome them on their first day. A branded welcome gift can help make your employee feel appreciated, a part of the team and will help set the stage for how they feel about your company going forward.

The goal of your welcome gift is to make a good first impression. In order to do so, the welcome gift should be given to the employee early on. Leaving your welcome gift on the new employees workstation is a great way to give your gift, as they will discover your gift while settling into their space and it will make them feel like they are an appreciated addition to the team.

Below are three ideas for products that will make your employee feel appreciated and make a good first impression:

A water bottle or coffee mug with the company’s logo is a great solution for new employee welcome gifts. Try pairing it with a gift card to a local coffee shop or juice bar for a gift that is sure to make a great impression.

Pens & Journals
Promotional pens and custom journals make great gifts for new employees because it is likely that their first day is going to be full of important information that they will need to take notes on. Give them something to take to their first meetings and a place to jot down reminders.

Lunch & Tote Bags
Custom lunch and tote bags are items that employees can bring to work every day. Try filling custom lunch bags with information about your company’s wellness program or a few healthy snacks!