In a time of a global pandemic, it’s as important as ever to support the health causes we care about.

It’s true that life, as we knew it (think before COVID-19), has certainly been changed during the first half of 2020 and the effects in all areas of our lives are being felt far and wide. A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that almost half of the survey respondents stated that the pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health. Are you surprised? It’s not difficult to understand that the spread of this virus has negatively influenced our everyday lives, even beyond the direct effects the virus may or may not have had on any one person. Here are a few reasons why cause-marketing is more important now than ever before:

  1. Since the virus first began to spread in the United States, we started hearing that those in poor overall health or suffering from a range of health conditions were most vulnerable for contracting the virus and experiencing severe symptoms. The result is that while all the attention from the experts, the media, and the public has been focused on Coronavirus, we need to still be aware of and supporting cause-related efforts – many of which are only made more dangerous by the virus.
  2. In the spirit of social responsibility, the practice of raising funds for various causes has become more and more popular with businesses and individuals alike. This meant that most businesses have had a cause they supported (if not several), fundraisers they donated to, or events they participated in to help raise dollars and awareness for different issues. However, since March, many of these efforts have been postponed or canceled entirely for fear of exposure to and spread of the virus. It’s been unusual to not hear about outdoor walk-a-thons, fundraiser dinners, or charity auctions for the last six months. Unfortunately, the outcome of those lost revenues, is that many worthwhile charities and causes have far fewer available funds to conduct research, raise awareness, or provide direct services to those in need.


The good news is that, as a business owner, you still have a key role to play in supporting the causes that you care about. Whether it’s creatively using your store or shop to raise money or generate awareness, encouraging employees to support the issues that are important to them, or giving your voice to important causes through your social media platforms, there are a number of things you can do. Not only will it help those organizations, but it also reinforces to your customers and patrons that even during times of crisis, you care about others and are willing to help as much as possible. It’s true that people like to do business with those they like, know, and trust. Is that you, and if so, is that reflected in your business practices?  For more about what you can do to help others during this time, see this article from Elaine Martyn, who serves as a Special Advisor on Philanthropy to the U.S. State Department.

You can also talk to your Vernon Account Executives about some creative ways to support important causes using promotional products, and check out our collection of cause-related branded items on our website here.