Do you recognize things by their shape or their color? Research from Vanderbilt University, shows that we change responses based on different colors. This defines how you relate to a particular object.

True Colors

When it comes to branding, color plays a big role. When you think of Coca-Cola, you think red. Think of John Deere, the color green comes to mind. When you think of Twitter or Facebook? Blue.

Why do brands work with certain colors and not others? There are some underlying emotions that come into play with each color.

  • Blue – Represents trust, dependability and strength. It’s the preferred color of men. Businesses use it to promote trust in their brand.
  • Red – Makes us think excitement, youthful and bold. It is often used by retailers as it creates a sense or urgency.
  • Orange – Gives your brand a friendly, cheerful and confident aura.
  • Green – Reflects peace, growth and health. Encourages relaxation.
  • White – Shows us a balance and gives us feelings of neutrality and calm.
  • Black – Reflects sleekness and power. It’s typically used to market luxury products.

While changing your logo may be out of the question, why not play with the colors of the promotional products you order for your next event? If you always order white t-shirts, try ordering red or blue. If you’re ordering a stress reliever, think about green.