Tradeshows will undoubtedly be as powerful in this decade as they were in the last. In fact, 99% of exhibitors find trade shows to deliver unique value which is not provided by other marketing channels. They allow exhibitors and attendees the chance to talk face-to-face, an increasingly difficult struggle in the era of video communication, emails, and text messages. Trade shows and expos also lead to more conversations, more leads, and more sales than other marketing events. And 45% of attendees visit only one exhibition per year so let’s make yours memorable! Here are 5 ways to stop attendees in their trade show tracks!


What can you do to draw attention to your booth and keep potential clients there just a little longer? Food seems to be the way to just about everyone’s heart but a person can only eat so many cookies so try stepping it up a notch with a game or drawing. Know any card tricks? Or you could go with a good old fashioned game of spin the wheel or Plinko. Everyone will gravitate towards your booth when they hear the familiar sound of a retro game and they’ll all feel like winners when they leave your table with a coupon or prize!

Looking for logoed games? Game wall, Tic Tac Toe

Booth Design

Keep it simple and remember to follow the 40% rule; 40% of your booth should be blank space-the other 60% should be clean and orderly. Don’t overwhelm potential clients with too many products or photographs. Use the back wall as a focal point with your brand colors and logo but keep your tables orderly while covered with a branded table cloth. Passerbyers will appreciate a place to set their coffee while they pause to look through a brochure or digital catalog.

Perfect Promo? Table tents, Table runner, Banners, Floor Kit

Brand Recognition

Graphics are key because you only get a few seconds to make a first impression. And you want that first impression to be big. Don’t clutter your space with too many testimonials. Use large, clear graphics that display your brand. Banners and table cloths are always powerful options being large enough to attract attention while folding up nicely for travel. And don’t jumble your space with colors that don’t represent your brand. You only get a few seconds to make a first impression, so make it memorable.

Need to Get Your Brand On? Pennants, Flags, Graphics, Displays

Get Techy

Want to showcase everything but follow the clean and tidy rule? Have a digital display or projection of changing images. This might keep eyes on your booth a bit longer too. Try QR codes on the back of your business cards instead of brochures. How about a video testimonial from your most satisfied client? Besides, being a bit techy makes you appear to be trendy and relevant, which is what people come to trade shows for, right? Because they’re looking for the next big thing?

Trendy Techy? Video Brochure, Digital Photo Frame

Promo Items & Freebies

You could attract customers with coffee but you could keep marketing to them beyond the show with promotional items. Give them something that will remind them of your company when they need your services or products. Pens and magnets are always a safe bet but try giving them something that stands out and represents your business. Make them think of your company when they need you most. Sell golf supplies? How about a ball marker? There’s no better time to consider a new golf cart then when you’re golfing. In the construction business? Everyone needs a tape measure from time to time. And don’t you want your phone number to be handy when they measure a project too big to tackle themselves?

Great Giveaways? Can Coolers, Cups, Pens, Magnets

Whether you’re traditional or trendy, we have the trade show items you need to Get Your Brand On! Lanyards, Totes, Badge Holders, even Trade Show Survival Kits, we’ve got you covered! Visit our entire Trade Show Traffic Stoppers Collection today!