How can managers motivate their employees to perform at their very best and remain actively engaged? Below are ten top tips.

  1. Show appreciation. When employees do something well, tell them. Show appreciation for consistently meeting the mark and also when they seek to grow by learning new skills and taking on additional responsibilities.
  2. Listen actively. Listen to employees carefully so you can learn what their goals and challenges are. Also, people will often tell you what you need to know (and otherwise wouldn’t) if you listen closely.
  3. Schedule 1:1 time. Set aside time every week for a one-on-one session with each of your direct reports so they can have face time with you. Tell them this is their opportunity to ask questions, get clarification and set objectives.
  4. Don’t micro-manage. Perhaps the most obvious tip, but nonetheless apparently difficult for some managers to master, is not to micro-manage employees. Instead give them the latitude to excel and make mistakes as they go.
  5. Push for peak performance. Stay on top of employees growth and set goals that will challenge them to spread their wings and grow.
  6. Learn to delegate. As employees demonstrate they are able, assign some of your tasks to t hem. The result will be more engaged and empowered employees. And, ultimately, you’ll be rewarded with more free time.
  7. Be honest. Tell your direct reports what needs to happen for them to get to the next level. Don’t sugarcoat your words for fear of being disliked.
  8. Share information. Open up and share information instead of hiding behind the “need to know” policy. Help direct reports know the “why” behind the “what.”
  9. Lead by example. Follow the old adage, “Do what you say and say what you do” because your direct reports are watching. They want a leader they can believe in and they also want to become the leader they know they already are.
  10. Manage up. While you’re managing your direct reports, don’t forget to manage you boss too, so he or she will stay supportive as your people shine.

Source: Glenn, Brittany. 2014. “10 Top Tips For Poeple Managers.” PPB 26.