Initiatives that educate the public and generate support for a good cause are an important part of the marketing mix. It’s a win-win partnership between your business and a cause or nonprofit. It generates public awareness for a cause as well as exposes your brand to a key audience or community.

Promotional products are important in promoting awareness in three very crucial ways.

1) They create memorable and valuable exposure. For example, people wearing T-shirts with a cause-related logo are seen during a nationally televised broadcast. Think about the outdoor audience members on a nationally televised morning show – now think about how much a paid commercial spot on the same broadcast would cost? The amount of exposure generated by a person walking down the street has value too.

2) They develop a list of donors. A small awareness-based incentive – such as a bookmark or bumper sticker – is a great way to encourage a small donation while increasing knowledge about a cause.

3) They can teach (and change) behavior. Promotional slide guides provide useful information and act as a useful reference. Choose a guide that will be read multiple times such as fire safety tips or how to do a self-breast exam.