0624_blogimageThere’s plenty of research to prove to you that promotional products affect your customers more than you think. Consumers love receiving promotional products. They are long-lasting advertising and can stand the test of time. Here are three ways they make a difference:

  • Promotional products add personality to your brand. Allowing a customer get up close and personal with your brand; holding it their hand, wearing it on their back or sitting in it gives your customer the ability to remember your brand. Research has shown that 89% of consumers surveyed can remember the advertiser on a promotional product received in the past two years. With that kind of staying power, and an understanding of your consumers, you can offer unique, relevant promotional products that will make your brand stand out in a crowd.
  • Promotional products can grow your audience. Promotional products allow your message to be seen beyond just the original recipient. With more brand exposure on items such as t-shirts, hats or calendars, your are gaining more impressions which can lead to more business for your business!
  • Promotional products are the talk of the town. Literally. A promotional product allows you to connect with customers that you may be having a hard time contacting. They show your customers that you were thinking of them, that they matter to your business. Most times a simple promotional product will lead to a sale, even after an extended period of time.